Wednesday, September 29, 2010

There is a Baby Siberian Tiger in this post! Get excited!

We finished our guest room just in the nick of time before my parents arrived!
 I can't believe what a transformation the paint made in this room!  
Look at the lovely and relaxing view from the bed you would have if you stayed with us!  It took three coats of white paint to cover up the dark brown and yellow on these doors, but it was worth it!
Jason is really proud of his patching job.  You can't even tell there was a hole here!  
Right away while Jason was at work, Eric and my dad rescued a dove from our fireplace chimney that had been stuck there for a few days.  Jason and I read online that if you put a flashlight at the bottom, the bird would fly toward it.  This did not work after several minutes of standing there with a sheet and a box, and even though Tosca (our cat) said she could get it herself, we had no other plan. 
My dad grabbed it with his bare hands and Eric threw a towel over it!  Manly stuff, I tell you!  You can see in this picture that the dove is filthy with soot, and it lost a lot of feathers in this process, but it flew away (probably into the neighbor's chimney)!  
We also did some touristy things, like riding the skytram at the zoo
visiting the baby Siberian Tiger, (it's okay, you can say it:  aww!)
and walking across the new pedestrian bridge across the Missouri River.  This was Mom's first trip to Iowa, woohoo!
We knew we'd had enough fun when things got a little crazy at the Durham Western Heritage Museum.  All in all it was a great time and went way too fast! 


  1. We loved seeing your parents! Glad they came to visit. :)

  2. sounds like you had a lovely time. Talk soon!