Monday, September 20, 2010

The Final Countdown

Painting offers such a fantastic before and after for the amount of work it takes!  This was Sunday when it was apparently the 70's:

And just a day later on Monday, we have entered the 21st century!  This is just primer, but I had to post this so my parents know that they'll have a completed room to sleep in when they arrive on Thursday!  That dang brown trim is going to take a THIRD coat of paint of course, but I'm so pleased by how it looks so far.  Jason is pleased that is drywall patching job turned out so well! 
We also painted this hallway the same color.  It was just boring white and pretty tired and dirty at that.  I know you all are super jealous of our super sweet knotty pine basement.  Can you imagine we were originally going to paint this as well??!!  What were we thinking?  I don't care that the 50's are raging in our basement, because this wood paneling is the bee's knees. 
I really must stop blogging because we're celebrating Jason's birthday tonight!  At least Tosca is keeping him company, but I really should be also.  I let him open his presents a day early because he has work tomorrow night, and there is nothing more cruel than giving a guy 4 games from his Amazon wish list when he won't have time to play them until a week later!  Happy birthday baby! 


  1. I'm so glad you've embraced the knotty pine! (Or should I say naughty pine? I don't know what that means.)


  2. Rebecca, it is looking so beautiful. Did you use a primer or paint with a primer built in? Just curious since you mentioned having to paint a third coat. I know how that is, though. Grrr . . .
    :) And Happy Belated Birthday to Jason!