Sunday, September 12, 2010

No more unsightly holes

Renovation progress is being made at the Strom pad again, fueled by the eminent arrival of my parents in a couple weeks. 
Our guest room has had massive holes in the drywall for months.  One hole was made in order to replace the bathroom plumbing, and the other was made to replace electrical wiring. We don't go in this room very often, so it was kind of low on the priority list.  Out of sight, out of mind! 
I don't think my parents would mind if this room wasn't finished when they arrive, but their visit offers good motivation.  Plus, I don't think electrical wiring hanging around your head is conducive to a restful sleep! 
Today, Jason installed the drywall panels over the holes and started the mudding process.  He had a little electrical dilemma because there were some loose wires in this wall that were not up to code.  He would have had to fish out the wire from the wall, which was attached to something somewhere, and that sounded like a big headache.  Instead, we decided to just make the loose wires into an outlet!  Sure, it is a random outlet in the middle of the wall, but who cares, it's the basement right?  And can you really have too many outlets?  I think it adds character to the room.  Or something. 


  1. How exciting! Have your parents visited here before? I think this must be there first visit since you bought the house! Both you and Jason have so much to be proud of!

  2. Yes, this is their first visit to the new house! We're excited to show it off!

  3. Woot Woot... getting some loose ends tied up! :)