Monday, September 6, 2010

My Parents are Living the Dream!

This summer, Jason and I were able to stay at my parents' new beach house for the first time!  The beach is the perfect place for my parents for several reasons. 
Walking has been a daily ritual in both their lives for a while now, but it took the purchase of the beach house to get them to do it together!  The beaches by their house are the ultimate in serenity and beauty, and I can't imagine a better way to start your day than with this meditative routine.  It certainly beats Mom's treadmill!
Dad enjoys taking pictures, and there is never a dearth of subject matter here! It is constantly changing with the weather and the tides.  Low tide offered us a closeup of these colorful starfish hamming it up for Jason's camera. 
Jason finds an intriguing vantage point to view the scenery.  
Mom and Dad's beach house is brand new, one in a set of quadruplets on a hill.  It is perfect for entertaining because each bedroom has its own bathroom.  I'm pretty pleased that I can use visiting my parents as an excuse to stay here again!  They've had a whole bevy of guests stay this year including my grandparents who are there right now.  Take note:  if you miss your family and friends, get a beach house!  I'm going to start saving now because buying a house in Omaha is apparently NOT the ticket to getting visitors. 
Even though it is fully functioning, I guess the fireplace is really just for decoration because it is basically 60 degrees there year round. 
With a populations of 336, small town life perfectly suits my parents laid back nature.  (I also learned from that there are no registered sex offenders!  Bonus!)   
The open concept living space is beautiful and homey at the same time.  
My favorite part is this little sanctuary in their master bedroom on the top floor.  It has another decorative fireplace, a kitty to warm your lap (look closely) and a fantastic view!
If that isn't fantastic I don't know what is!  I'm so proud of my parents for achieving their dreams.  I plan to enjoy it with them as often as possible, which is never often enough!