Monday, January 25, 2010

Day 136

Jason installed the new foyer light!  It is the second one I picked out (grinning sheepishly)!  The other one is being returned. 

 We also did some more sanding/trim painting, took a car load of galvanized pipes and other random things to the dump, and tried to get my sewing machine repaired (I killed it). 

Jason touches up the crown molding once again.
I made a craigslist posting to get rid of the extra flooring we had.  We received a call within 8 minutes, and it was gone in a couple hours!  I think every party involved was pleased. 


  1. Good looking light! I'm sorry about your machine. Maybe you could make a sewing date with Melissa Graber?

  2. I thought maybe I could borrow one from someone, but as my mom pointed out, I wouldn't want to break someone else's machine too! I think the fabric I am trying to sew is too heavy duty.