Saturday, January 23, 2010

Day 134

Here is a picture of the notorious Fridge thing I have been talking about. 

To fill everyone else in that I don't see on a daily basis, we wanted our fridge to have cabinetry around it when we designed the kitchen.  We're probably going hog wild with the cabinetry because we had such a dearth of cabinet space at our rental.  Since we don't have superhuman telescoping arms, the cabinet that goes above the fridge obviously can't be super deep.  However, you have to screw it into something if you aren't going to screw it into a wall, so Brian built what I've been calling "the fridge thing."  We wanted it to be very sturdy so it can hold... heavy bottles.  The cabinet people provided us with paneling for the sides and some trim pieces, but otherwise left us on our own.  That is why Brian built it!  It isn't done yet, obviously. 

Can't you just imagine a new LG french door refrigerator right there in that spot?  There are two cabinets left to install to the right of the fridge thing.  That is where Jason's designated emptying pockets spot is going to be.   Our pantry is over there to the right, currently storing trim pieces and random tools. 

And this is the island experience!  I wanted a raised bar so that I can hide kitchen mess behind it when we are entertaining.  Well, and also because I think it will be neat. You know how everyone always gathers in the kitchen during a party?  Well I can just see loading that bar up with snacks, and I think it will be perfect height for our guests to support themselves against if needed.  It's been known to happen, so it also needs to be very sturdy. The next step is to attach the paneling to the bar, which again, didn't come with instructions.  Maybe we are supposed to be creative here?  I'm game! 

So we're trying to decide in what state is acceptable for us to move in.  When we finish these kitchen projects, we could get the floors done and move in while we finish the trim painting and installing.  We could even do that before we get the countertops.  It will probably depend on what the bank account says and also how desperate we feel to get out of the basement.  Which could be pretty desperate!  


  1. Rebecca, you will love a French Door fridge. I am so glad that we have one. It is so incredibly nice to have all the space in the fridge - especially when entertaining! ;-) Love seeing the progress!

  2. Excellent! We are feeling entertaining deficient, and will probably have you over a ton of times, hopefully taking advantage of our swanky new fridge!