Monday, January 4, 2010

Day 115

Today we worked on the crown molding!  Even though we are really excited about the results, I must say that this project is frustrating for even my patient and mild mannered Jason. 

Jason is making a coping cut.  This allows the corners to join cleanly without gaps. 

Here you can see that Jason has to saw carefully along the curve of the detailing.  
Look how great it looks!

We ran out of molding (and energy), so we'll need to return to the hardware store tomorrow to get some more.

We also primed the bedroom molding that was previously painted brown.  It is much improved, don't you think?  


  1. REALLY sorry we didn't bring your ladder back yesterday. Eric is home all day with a cold, and we are getting his car tonight so we'll bring the ladder once we've got the car!

  2. Oh it is okay; thanks for your concern though! We need it to get in the attic so Jason can work on the lighting for the kitchen, but as you can see, we have many other projects going!