Sunday, December 13, 2009

Day 93

Hello Friends and family, we're still here!  Jason has been prepping the walls for painting.  That involves patching the walls with mud, letting it dry for a day, sanding it down, then repeat.  Jason wants it to be perfect and I'm sure it will be! 

You may remember the gaping hole that used to be here in the last posting.  Jason patched the drywall himself and has been mudding and sanding this spot all week.  It was particularly difficult because the thickness of the drywall patch did not match the thickness of the original wall.  I think it looks great now!  The test will be when we paint it, however. 

Speaking of painting, here is the first coat of paint for the office!  It is a big improvement over the yellow sponge painting wall treatment.  Green is a soothing color, and gender neutral if needed in the distant future... Don't leap to any ideas folks.   


  1. Gender nuetral is always a good thing! I love all that you and Jason have done with the house. Can't wait to see the finished product!