Monday, December 7, 2009

Day 86

We changed the lighting in the living room today.

First, Jason uninstalled the very ugly ceiling fan, that was strangely NOT centered with the room.  We figure that some previous owners had two recliners underneath this ceiling fan.  Well, no more!

Jason cuts holes for the recessed lighting.

Meanwhile, I rip off all of the "crown molding."  As you can see, it is really baseboard that someone decided could incorrectly pass as crown molding. We're eventually going to replace it with real crown molding. 
Here, Jason is in the attic space doing the wiring for the recessed lighting.

Here it is all hooked up!  We still need to figure out how to install the recessed lighting "eyeballs".
Jason installed digital dimmers to control the sconces and the new recessed lighting.  

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  1. He told me all about this last night before dinner. I'm so impressed!