Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Day 109

More painting! 

This is the color we chose for the bedroom.  (okay, actually the second color.  Live and learn!)  It needs another coat, but I think the blue will be very relaxing.  That isn't beautiful hardwood trim, by the way.  Someone painted this brown, and it's going.  soon.

And here is the living room all completed!  We think that we may have gone with something a little darker had we known what this was going to look like, but three gallons of paint and hours of ceiling rolling later, we're going with it!   I think it looks nice.  We didn't cut in along the ceiling because we are going to put up crown molding, in case you were wondering why we left that garish line.  Why do more work than you have to?  That's what I always tell my boss.  (haha, just kidding!)  And speaking of work, what is there left to do?  We have to finish up the painting and trim, hang and paint the crown molding and chair rail, move the pendants in the kitchen, do a final coat of paint in the kitchen, hang the cabinets, hire the floor refinishers, then see if there is money left over for countertops.  See, almost there! 

1 comment:

  1. I really like the colors! They are very serene, very you. As for what's left...bahhh. Peanuts! ;)