Sunday, October 18, 2009

Day 37

Thank you all for keeping us on task!  I like that we get phone calls when I haven't posted in a while, because it helps us stay motivated and moving forward.  We have actually been working hard, though it is a little hard to tell. 

This picture gives you an idea.  Everything is a mess!  We had the electrician back over to put in the wiring for the island (yellow wire coming out of the floor) and when he removed a piece of subflooring, we noticed that the plumbing is right underneath!  Everyone has been telling us that plumbing is easier to reach by going through the basement ceiling.  Our house has some copper pipes, but still some galvanized steel, and we've always been meaning to replace it after we finished upstairs.  One project at a time, right Raquel?  Yet since we saw that it would be very easy to reach them by pulling up a few subflooring floorboards, we decided to do it.  Jason has been working with a handyman recommended by friends for the last few days, and he's been learning a lot about plumbing.  
Here are some copper pipes that Jason put in yesterday.  He still has to replace those galvanized pieces.  It is annoying that the water is off to the downstairs bathroom now, so I have to run upstairs all the time through the construction zone, but it will be fantastic when it is done!  This is what I keep telling myself.  

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