Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Day 25

Today, we hired a company to blow in insulation in all of the exterior walls without insulation.  That would be all of the exterior walls.  Did people not get cold in the 50's? 

I expected there to be huge holes in the walls for us to repair, but I don't think we'll notice these at all when we paint!

What we WILL notice are the gashes in our beloved dining room furniture!  We have our dining room set in the garage while we are finishing our renovation.  Jason told the insulators that he would be happy to move anything upstairs if they needed him to do so, since he was practicing downstairs.  They DIDN'T ask him to do that.  Instead, they dragged two chairs stacked on top of each other across the cement, gouging the top of the upside down chair!!!!  We're livid!!!  Their boss agreed to give us $200 for the damage, but we'd still rather have our pristine chair back.
On a happier note, we still managed to get some things done today.  We hung the plastic over the insulation in the kitchen, and shop vacuumed all the plaster and such from the slats in the subflooring.

Jason does the squeaky board dance.  He learned on the DIY network website that you should check for squeaky boards and screw new screws in those spots before you install the new flooring.   He's so well read.  I think we're ready to start on the wood floor!  We'll see what Mike thinks tomorrow. 

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  1. That's terrible about your chair!! I wonder if NFM has people who will do cosmetic repairs? That's where you got your set, right? That looks shallow enough that it might be sanded and reshaped carefully, then stained. :(

    The rest of your stuff looks good.