Sunday, October 4, 2009

Day 23

Our electrician gave Jason a project to do this weekend.  We are putting in can lighting in the kitchen, and he wanted Jason to cut the holes in the plaster for the cans.  Our electrician said the plaster will crack all over the place when we do that, so he recommended that we put a 1/4 inch layer of drywall over the plaster.  I was disappointed that the plaster couldn't be saved, but we want it to look right, of course.  Mike came over this morning and convinced us that it would be far nicer looking if we just destroyed the plaster ceiling all together. 

So that is what we did today.  And we thought we were done with plaster demolition!  (That isn't a wire noose by the way, it just looks like it.)  It actually didn't take very long to get it down.  Jason crawled up in the crawl space above the kitchen and hammered it down from above. 

It took FAR longer to clean up all the nasty insulation and plaster pieces.  Looks like another dumpster is in our future!  

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  1. That makes me feel congested just thinking about it!