Sunday, October 11, 2009

Day 30

Here we are, 30 days in!  We're not as far as I expected we would be, but we encountered several issues that slowed us down.  All in all, I think we're still making good progress.  

Jason and I worked on the floors!  It is like a puzzle deciding which pieces of wood go where.  This tool I'm holding shoots nails into the floor, and you have to hit it really hard with the sledge.  It is another great tool to borrow (thanks Don!).  In this picture, Jason gears up to hit it and I'm trying to stand clear!   It is easier for Jason to get a good hit if I hold it, rather than trying to hold it with one hand.
Jason cuts the floor boards to size with a table saw (thanks Craig F!).  This tool is a little intimidating to me.
Jon came over to admire the work and got roped into helping!  Actually, I think he enjoyed hitting the nail tool with the sledge.   We appreciate his help. 

 Jon really enjoys the sledge! 

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  1. Fun! Your floors are really coming together!