Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Our Own Private Zoo

We have our own private zoo!

The zoo is all ours from 9 to 11:30 on Tuesday mornings, but we'll share it with you if you want to join us!

No one over here!

Usually this tunnel is completely packed with people and the noise level is deafening.  Today all you can hear are goof balls pretending to be fish.  You can see there is a fish hanging out with Grace behind the glass.

Here are some people!  They're cleaning the tank.  This place is always immaculately clean and this is why!

Usually there are so many people around this octopus tank that it is hard to see him.  Today he was moving all over the glass and he was really active!

I didn't get a picture of the penguins, but the girls were racing them back and forth.  Who do you think can move faster, a penguin or a Gracie?  It was pretty hilarious and there were no people obstacles.  Grace said, "I love making friends with the animals!"

No one sitting on these logs, so of course we can count and climb all over them!

Taking in a pond filled with beautiful spotted sting rays.  It is so quiet and peaceful there when we're by ourselves.

This picture is from our zoo trip last week but it was the same story.  No lines for the tree swings, no antsy kids waiting in the wings for their turn.  Go ahead and hog them girls!

The new giraffe indoor facility.  There were four more staring at us off to the right that I couldn't fit in the picture!

The most amazing place to be here in town and we get it all to ourselves.  Lucky us!!

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  1. That is amazing! Lucky you, indeed, to be able to go at that time each week and take advantage of a rare opportunity.