Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Pumpkin Carving

We carved pumpkins today!

Clara is super excited!  Her pupils look really big here because she just came home from the eye surgeon and they dilated her eyes.  Good news, her eyes are great!  The doctor said her vision is "like a hawk."  We sensed that that was the case; she can point out a digger or a plane from any distance!

Here she is proving to me that she is touching the pumpkin guts.  Sorry, doesn't count missy! 

 I ended up cleaning her pumpkin for her.

Grace on the other hand did a great job cleaning her pumpkin and was all business.  She wanted to carve it herself of course, so we let her try with the knife.  She picked an unusually thick skinned pumpkin, so she just ended up poking holes in it.  She really enjoying herself though, and that is what counts!

Completed pumpkins!

I tried to get a posed picture of the girls and the pumpkins but they weren't cooperating one bit.

Clara enjoys her pumpkin!


  1. Cool jack-o-lanterns! Glad to hear Clara's eyes are great.