Sunday, November 1, 2015

Halloween 2015

Halloween happened, and it happened big this year!

Grace understood Halloween last year, but this year she was EXCITED, which made us excited!

Clara rocked the dinosaur costume I made for Grace two years ago.

  I die over this cuteness, and she wore it WAY longer than Grace did.  I think she knew it was her vehicle to candy.

Grace requested to be an elephant.  She seemed to really like her costume and I'm so glad because I had no pattern and came up with it on the fly.  It involved a coat hanger and lots of poly-fil.  

How long do we have to stand here before we can go get candy?

We hit the neighbors we know first.

Then we headed over Gini, Eric and Ethan's house.  Ethan was a perfectly adorable Ninja Turtle.  Grace has been telling me that she wants more Halloween decorations.  Gini makes me look REALLY behind!

Gini has a cackling,talking skeleton that has a motion sensor.  It was mesmerizing!  The spooky stuff was not scary for either of them; it was hilarious!

Eric pulled them around in their wagon, which was genius.  Clara especially was exhausted in no time.  She has been resisting naps even though she really could use one.  She is out cold by 7 pm usually, so trick or treating really stretched her limits.

She held out as long as she could.  She is ALL about the sweets in a major way!

The girls passed out in the guest room and we adults watched scary movies and had a wonderful dinner.  I can't imagine a more perfect Halloween!


  1. Adorable costumes, Rebecca! Your girls are just darling!

  2. Those costumes are the best! Hope they share the candy with you.

  3. Great costumes! You're so talented! Glad you all had a fun Halloween!