Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Tucson Christmas - GG

We were able to see GG a couple times while we were there too!

She came to visit at Jon and Roberta's house for a Christmas celebration.  She brought the shoes I bought for myself months ago but accidentally shipped to her address!

Another meal that couldn't be beat.

GG gave rings to both girls.  Clara enjoyed checking it out.

GG did some drawing with Grace.

She even played a game of Trouble!

You might not believe this, but Jason can corroborate.  We went to visit GG at her house on this trip also.  She made a lovely lunch for us and we went to Costco.  When it was time to go, Grace didn't want to hug goodbye even though GG asked for one.  Grace has been known to do this before.  GG didn't skip a beat.  She chased Grace, cornered her and lifted her off the ground, all while Grace giggled uncontrollably!  It was a sight to see!


  1. So funny! What great photos and wonderful moments you captured.

  2. I see both of GG's blankets made the trip as well!