Thursday, February 12, 2015


We've been busy making Valentines over here!

This actually isn't a Valentine, but it is a cute picture with which to start.  She went through a very prolific cotton ball phase.  It ended when we ran out of cotton balls.

School Valentines!  I cut out the hearts but she decided where and how many to glue on each card.  Then she did her own painting and stamping!

This one is my favorite!  The preschool teacher says Grace is becoming quite the painter.  Grammy says "of course she is!"

And some other cute pictures just for fun.

Daddy pile up!

Grace and Daddy assembled and painted a model car together!

Clara counts to three!  Right after I turned off the video, she said "ONETWOTHREEFOURFIVE!"


  1. Both the girls are so smart and talented.....just like their mom!!

  2. Lots of arts-and-crafting going on at your house! Love it!

  3. I want to craft at your house. Looks like FUN!