Saturday, January 31, 2015

Tucson Christmas: Grandma

I'm back, here with my second installment of my many Christmas photos.

These photos will feature Grandma.  Grandma likes to teach things.  Here she is teaching Grace how to play a Peruvian game called Sapo.  She tried to teach me too and I was terrible at it.

Grace also learned a ton about baking.

We all benefited from these lessons in other ways.

This apple pie says "Gracie's Pie" in letters made from dough scraps.

One of the best projects they did was a collaboration.  Grace said the pool needed a boat and Grandma listened.

Grandma came up with the Styrofoam design and helped Grace to carefully paint it.

Thanks Grandma!


  1. Where's the finished boat?!

    Oh my gosh....sunshine.

  2. Fun times that Grace will remember forever! :)

  3. haha Gini, they never finished it ;) Maybe next time!