Sunday, September 29, 2013

Big Yellow Truck Has Big Wheels

Grace LOVED my Dad's truck!

I'm not exaggerating to say that Grace would spend her entire waking life inside the cabin of that truck if she could.  She is already obsessed with garbage collection day on our street and every semi, truck or minivan we pass on the highway.  Having a really big yellow truck with "big big wheels" in our driveway was heaven to her!

We all look turns sitting with her in the cabin while she made engine and horn sounds.

We went to the zoo while they were here and saw the dinosaurs.  They are a must see attraction.  For Grace, there are a must see 5 times attraction, apparently.  I'm drawing the line there though.  Luckily, the exhibit is only in town for another couple weeks because I'm dinosaured out!

Dad did an amazing job babysitting while we were both working.  

So did Uncle Steve!  (piano dollies make great trains)

Both girls adored our time together.  Grace woke up excitedly every morning, looking for them and for the truck.  Both Dad and Uncle Steve fell into child care naturally.  They were so confident in fact, they put both girls to bed while I heard a symphony concert one night and so we could go out to dinner the next!

Their departure was sad for us all.  If only the big yellow truck could visit every week!


  1. The big yellow truck is here in Oregon anytime Grace wants to sit in it!!

  2. I love this! So sorry we missed them, but it looks like everyone had a really wonderful time.