Tuesday, September 3, 2013

3 Months Old!

Clara is 3 months old today!

She loves sitting up and watching the action.

And by action, I mean this energetic big sister!  It warms my heart to see Clara smile whenever Grace is nearby, and Clara's head moves from side to side as she watches Grace tear around the house.  Grace loves to snuggle and comfort her too.

They love to play and spend time together.  Sometimes Grace is a little too rough, but her intentions are almost always good, and Clara is tough.

Grace loves this dinosaur at the park.  She is cautious with new experiences like swings and slides, but she eventually musters up the courage to try new things.  We are so proud of her when she does, and she is proud of herself!

Clara is still not sleeping through the night.  She shifts between nights only waking up once and nights waking up three times.

We're pretty tired, but it is worth it for this baby with the sweetest temperament!  

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