Thursday, February 14, 2013



Happy Valentine's Day!!

Rebecca, 1984 age 2

This picture was taken at my Uncle Topher and Aunt Calleen's wedding rehearsal.  During the ceremony when they kissed, apparently I yelled "Wow!" loud enough for everyone to hear.  

This dress was made for me by our family friend Janis Moore.  Janis was the wife of my dad's childhood neighbor and longtime friend.  The level of detail this dress has is quite impressive.  There are buttons down the back in the shape of hearts and there is a separate petticoat underneath that is embroidered with flowers.  Janis is no longer with us but she was very special.  Besides being a talented seamstress and generally creative person, Janis was always fun in my memory.  I have memories of hanging out with her when our family visited LA, when they came and visited us, and one time when she took me to a water park.  It is fun to see Grace in this dress and to remember her.  The fact that I remember her so fondly makes me think that Grace might remember our adult friends just as well someday!

Grace received a set of Elmo books for Valentine's Day.  It is the first time she has asked for something specifically.  We knew she wanted Elmo books because she would occasionally go to one of her book bins, look inside forlornly and say "Elmo?"  Like, "Why don't I have any Elmo books?!"  She LOVES Elmo.  The only TV she is allowed to see is about 15 - 20 minutes of Sesame Street when mommy or daddy needs a break and she eats up every minute.

I hope you all have a beautiful day with some people you love!


  1. Wonderful post, Rebecca. You can sure see the resemblance between you and Gracie!!

  2. Aww, I love that this dress has such special memories for you. I hope Grace has fond memories of all of us, too! I LOVE the dress, and you guys look so alike! That hair, seriously.

  3. I think we look alike in these photos too! Except she is cuter :)