Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Hanging at GG's

What luck that my Grandma lives so close to my in laws!  While we were visiting Jon and Roberta, my parents AND my sister and her boyfriend Brian were staying with my Grandma.  We even had a beautiful Christmas dinner all together at Jon and Roberta's house.  I sadly forgot to take a picture of that, however.

I DO have this hilarious picture of Samantha and Brian rocking out to the music on Grace's new train set!

And this one is pretty wonderful too!  Is it just me, or do they have the same expression of joy?

Grace helped GG open some belated Christmas packages.  GG tripped over her dog Lotte right before we arrived and is still quite bruised up from her fall in these pictures.  

"Baby TV", as my mom calls it, was a common form of entertainment on this trip.  We enjoyed watching Grace amuse herself at GG's by rearranging a stack of hand knitted pot holders, for example!

She also demonstrated how she likes to "carry" daddy!  She likes to say "strong" while she does it!

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  1. Oh my gosh-- "strong" is so cute! What a smarty pants.