Saturday, February 2, 2013

Playing with Grandma

Roberta did a great job interacting with Grace this Christmas.  It was wonderful to see Grace get to know her grandparents a little better!

She has a large sack of finger puppets in all sorts of animals.

Grace really liked grabbing them off Grandma's fingers and running to put them in her shopping cart.  

A friend of theirs generously lent them some really fun toys for Grace to play with while we were visiting.  These Mega Bloks were perfect for building "towers" as Grace calls them!

This motorcycle was also a big hit!  Grace still talks about her Grandma and I know the trip made fond memories for us all.

Grace really enjoyed following Grandpa around the house and she obviously took a liking to him also.  He jokingly says it was only because Remy the dog follows HIM around.  Remy may have received more kisses than any of us!

It is hard to compete with a cute little doggie!

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