Friday, August 3, 2012

One Year Old!

Jason's mother's new husband Michael is an excellent photographer and just sent me the pictures he took at Grace's first birthday party!  

Totally excited about birthday cake!

Hooray for birthday cake!

My high school friend Karen came with her daughter Roslyn.  She along with our nieces Sophia and Ella were highly entertaining!

My Uncle Steve and Aunt Christi gave us booze and a sippy cup, which I was obviously very excited about!

She looked super adorable in this little white dress before she smeared cake all over it.

My parents worked hard to put the party on.  The food was really fantastic!

Thank you so much to Michael for taking these pictures!  We were all so busy entertaining and socializing that we didn't have time to take our own.  Plus I'm in a lot of them, which is not usually the case!  Some people met Grace for the first time and some people traveled many miles.  Thank you to everyone who helped make it the special day I envisioned for our baby girl.  The party was a big success and we all had great fun!  

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  1. Those are GREAT pictures! They really captured the air of festivity-- super glad you got those!