Thursday, August 30, 2012

Fourth of July Parade

On the Fourth of July, we were staying at my parent's house at the beach.  Their town has an annual parade.

Grace's first parade!  

Grace took it all in thoughtfully.  

The parade mostly consisted of sparsely decorated midlife crisis convertibles and families riding bikes.  This is one of the few floats we saw.  It is a vehicle masquerading as an aquarium, I guess?

What is a parade without a band?  This one had a lady "playing" a recorder and a man banging on a bowl with a wooden spoon.  Retired hippies I'm guessing?

I'm not sure how this lady's black angel bug face costume is patriotic, but she was giving away free balloons so that was cool.

I'm not sure if there were more people in the parade or watching the parade, but it was a charming small town tradition!

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