Saturday, October 15, 2011

We are not too old for Pumpkin Carving

Some of us got together at our friend Penny's house for some pumpkin carving and beer drinking!
Penny was very smart to put down this tarp in her kitchen so we could scoop pumpkin guts with abandon.  
Grace fell asleep in Penny's arms.  It is too bad that Penny and Ryan are moving to California because obviously she is the baby whisperer.  She even does house calls!  
It was a good thing Grace was sleeping for most of it because there were some real psychos there.  Anne had better watch her back!
I disturbed this sleeping beauty for this next picture.  
All the jack o lanterns, including my little punkin!  This is a little weird with Grace lying on her boppy pillow, but since she isn't sitting up yet, this is the best we could manage!  No babies were harmed in the making of this party spectacle. 
A rare photo with mama in it, courtesy of Gini :)


  1. Nice to see a photo of you, Rebecca. And Grace makes a cute punkin!

  2. She makes an adorable pumpkin! Next year maybe a crayon??

  3. That was such a fun night. And that picture of you and Grace is precious!