Sunday, October 23, 2011


Gracie had a very exciting week.  She met Grandma and Grandpa S for the first time!  
Remi the dog was a big hit also!
Grandpa passed the taste test.
There were many smiles shared.
Everyone seemed delighted with each other!
Grandma Roberta won points for appreciating the many charms of Mr. Frog.  This is by far her favorite toy (besides her activity mat).  It is a frog head with a rattle in it that is attached to a blanket.  The blanket has a soft, fuzzy side, and a smooth satin side.  We never would have guessed this would become a favorite, but the heart wants what the heart wants obviously!  
Here is proof that she really does love this thing.  (There is a phantom baby hand to the right because I was babysitting our friends' baby Avery at the time this video was taken.)
Gracie really enjoyed a serenade from Grandpa.  She watched intently the whole time he played.  She may have a penchant for trombone!  
It was also Roberta's birthday, and we had fun celebrating with a symphony concert, Scandinavian Almond Cake and gelato from E-creamery (it is okay to be jealous; I know you are.). 

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