Monday, July 25, 2011

Two Weeks Old!

Grace is two weeks old today!  We are doing well and starting to figure out the whole feeding thing.  I really have to pay attention to her cues to make sure she is getting enough, but I enjoy the closeness it brings.  My mom is still here and I'm nervous about her leaving!  It sure is nice having an extra couple of hands.  
My baby is named after my Grandma Grace, and she made her this beautiful blanket.  I couldn't hold back the tears when I opened the box the other day because it really means a lot to me that she made her this.  See, she made blankets for my sister and me just like this one, and we loved them literally to pieces.  
 Here is my blanket.  Yes I still have it, holes and all.  She has had to sew it back together several times.  It is blue because they thought I was going to be a boy, but it turns out that blue is my favorite color anyway.  Held up pretty well, don't you think? 
This is one of my favorite childhood pictures because I'm playing my Grandma's piano and it looks like I'm reading music.  I'm not a genius kid, I'm not actually reading music, so I don't know what I was looking at here.  Did you see the blankie in the corner?  I didn't go anywhere without it, and I hope Grace loves hers as much as I loved mine.  
So far, the signs are pretty good for that! 


  1. Bahhh how dare you make me cry at work?! That is so dang sweet! My blankie is on my bed to this day. One of my favorite pictures of me as a kid is with my blanket too...and Cheer Bear of course!

  2. That is just DARLING! What a wonderful gift!

  3. So, so sweet! And love the ruffles on the Little Missy!

  4. Love this post, Rebecca. Love darling Grace, too. Love you, too! Hugs, sister! Let us know if there is anything we can do to help! By the way, it is so much fun to see you as a mommy!

  5. Whatever that pink tutu thing is happens to be pretty cute too. Such a great heirloom your grandma sent her!