Friday, July 8, 2011

Monday is D-Day!

My mom is here, waiting for Grace to arrive!  It is fabulous having her here, especially for the support in this crazy time.  
Here we are, barefoot and baking in the kitchen.  I had a hard time figuring out how to get this apron (another fabulous gift from Kathleen!) to stay on.  With no natural waist, below the boobs it is! 
Here is the fruits of our labor!  This is a beautiful plum cake, which is another selection from the Martha Stewart Food magazine.  

Speaking of labor, I just found out that I don't get to have one.  Grace is in breach position, and much too big to flip the right away.  I have a C-section scheduled for Monday.  I'm beyond disappointed and incredibly emotional, but I'm doubly glad to have the support of my mom and my amazing husband!  Wish me luck this Monday!  We are SO excited to finally get to meet her, especially Jason who confessed is "tired of waiting." 


  1. You look so darn cute! Such a beautiful pregnant woman you are. I hope that, someday, I am that beautiful.

  2. I'm excited to meet her! I know you're disappointed about the c-section, but I'm just happy it means everyone will be safe and sound (plus I'll get to make lots of inappropriate Macbeth references!). Grace is clearly a stubborn girl already...good luck!

  3. Your cake looks beautiful - just like Martha! You and your mom look so darn cute in the aprons...Moms are AWESOME.

  4. Miss Rebecca....clearly, you've had to spend too much time with Maddie during your pregnancy and she had WAY too much influence on Gracie! I am so sorry -- but all will be well and we will soon get to meet the little MISS! Please call me if you need anything AT ALL and please let us know as soon as she is here and you are up to having visitors. Blessings and lots of prayer and love coming your way!