Sunday, August 21, 2016

San Diego!

Jason's road trip continued on to San Diego!

The purpose of that long drive was a visit with Avery!

Both girls missed Avery!

Beach time!

This picture is everything.

They also checked out the Air and Space Museum.

This was probably right up Grace's alley.

Glamorous Glennis, the plane that broke the sound barrier!

They also went to the San Diego Zoo.

There was some posing in front of animals, of course.

Polar Bear!

Clara found a rock on which to pose.

Avery wanted to pose on it too.

A selfie with Daddy.

I missed out, but I'm happy they were able to enjoy it!


  1. Nice for the girls to reconnect with Avery.

  2. The pictures of those three little besties are the sweetest thing ever!