Thursday, August 18, 2016

Jason and the Girls Drive to CA

Jason decided to drive to California by himself this summer! I couldn't leave with him because I had class. 

The girls are ready to go!

This is their idea of posing.

That's better!

I helped them find a fun local place for a dinner stop.

Kudos to Jason for taking the time for pictures.

It's a hit!

They had 50 cent cones! 

They made it to Utah!

All the pictures that Jason took from their stay in Cedar City were blurry, but you can get an idea of what happened here. We wonder if Uncle Topher was sore the next day!


  1. I think Uncle Topher may have had even more fun chasing around the backyard than the girls! :D

  2. Also, I tried to get pics of these same shenanigans, and all mine were blurry, too, because of the continuous running and chasing! (Whew!..I was exhausted just watching them.)

  3. Jason is a champ to try that on his own!