Sunday, August 24, 2014

Bicycles, Doctors and Sisters

Grace received a balance bike for her birthday!

She enjoys riding around the house.  She is quite slow still but she has always been a cautious girl.

We take it outside sometimes and she rides up and down the driveway.

Jason and Avery stayed with us for a couple days while Jason was in between summer gigs.  He was feeling sick but I think the girls fixed him up nicely with Grace's doctor set.

Doctor Grace and Doctor Avery know just what to do!

Clara loves to see what big sister is doing!  Here, Grace is playing with water in the sink, something that can entertain her for quite some time.  Clara would love to get in there too!  Grace gets annoyed sometimes when Clara breaks up her race track or destroys her tower, but for the most part I think she seems pretty patient with her.  She often invites Clara to play and Clara always obliges!

Grace loves to play with Clara in her crib.  Sometimes they are in there giggling and laughing and mom and dad actually get a break for a moment!  It usually ends with Clara getting upset because Grace is playing too rough, but it is nice for a while.

Grace starts school next week!  Stay tuned for pictures from that!


  1. So cute. So glad you all are doing well!

  2. They're getting so big, it's really just nuts to me!