Sunday, April 13, 2014

Swim Lessons

Grace just completed her first session of swim lessons!

Here she is, looking adorable in her swim suit from GG!

Avery did swim lessons with us also.  It was great having a good example in class!  Avery has no fear.  She had her arms outstretched every time the instructor was near, longing for her turn.  Grace on the other hand was a little reluctant sometimes.

Mom was always close by!  

I think she gained some confidence taking this class.  She loved her instructor Miss Allie, and she is much more confident in the water.  Grandma and Grandpa's swimming pool, here we come!  (well not right away but sometime not too long from now, hopefully!)`

I feel a bit guilty that I laughed at this, but I think the swim instructors brought this on themselves.  They got out this large raft for the swim class and floated everyone up and down, but it was over so quickly and Grace and Avery did NOT want to get out!  They eventually had to just grab Grace and pull her out against her will.

I thought I should include a video of her actually swimming also:

It's a start!  Next, we are trying Tumbling!

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