Saturday, April 5, 2014

10 Months Old!

Clara turned 10 months old two days ago!

You can really see that molar in this picture.  She is working on two more!

She learned how to crawl this month, and she is all over the place!  She gets into everything!

It was hard to take pictures of her this month because she keeps speed crawling to my camera lens and trying to grab it.

She is also more interactive and has figured out toys such as this car track.  She babbles all the time, and often I think she is copying something I said.  I could be imagining it being her proud mama, but I think she is trying to tell us things!

Of course, she is constantly getting in Grace's business.  Sometimes it drives Grace crazy but sometimes they play and laugh!


  1. Funny how Clara hated the hood on her head, but was all smiles again when it was off.