Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Holidays are Coming!

Happy Thanksgiving!

We cooked our favorite dishes all day long, and we finished just in time to take a family picture before Clara had to go to bed!

We made a Bruleed pumpkin pie this year.  We don't have a kitchen torch, but who needs one when you have a plumbing torch?!

Then we put up the tree!  Grace LOVES the tree and really enjoyed decorating it.  She says she wants to go look at it first thing in the morning, and we turn it on together with showy ceremony!

The tree is a little off balance because Grace was driving us nuts taking all the ornaments off the tree.  Now the bottom half is amusingly undecorated!  The piano looks so picturesque next to the tree.  We are loving having Grandma's piano and we play it every day!  Even Grace takes a turn or five!

Nothing makes it feel more like home than the addition of the 4th and final stocking for our little family, all made by my mom.  They are so beautiful (and out of reach on the bookshelf)!


  1. Christmas has arrived at the Stromquist house. It all looks so beautiful!

  2. Your home looks so wonderfully homy. :) Great stockings, Grammy! They are beautiful!