Friday, November 22, 2013


I was asked about every 30 seconds to go outside this morning...

She is having the time of her life in the first snow of the season!  I barely even got this picture because she was moving around so much.  She was having a blast exploring!  I'd ask her to stand still and she would say "no mom, I'm walking in the snow!"  The difference between this year and last year is quite funny.  Last year, I bundled her all up thinking she was going to love it.  She took one step in the snow and then begged to go back inside, I think because it was difficult for her to walk on it.  This year, outside is all she can talk about!  She also had a huge meltdown when we came back inside.  It is in the 20's out there so we couldn't stay out forever, even though I think she might if given the chance!

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