Saturday, August 3, 2013

New Front Porch

Jason finished this over a week ago but I haven't posted about it yet!

Jason worked for about a week on this, and I think it looks great!  We plan to stain it a bit darker and seal it after the treated wood has a chance to dry out.  Some people have said, "I never noticed anything wrong with the old one!", to which I respond with a Scooby Doo huh? and a record skip.  Have you people never seen our house in daylight?  The bottom step was completely detached, there were loose nails poking out, the steps felt so wobbly that I thought I'd fall through one day, and the boards were all warped and discolored.  But okay, if it isn't your house, maybe you aren't thinking critically.  I appreciate that.  So, I tried to find a before picture.  Of course I forgot to take a before picture!!  We were too excited to rip the old one off, just like every other house project we've done.   

This is the best I could do.  2012 Gracie will model it for us.  You can at least see the warping going on, but just trust me, it was hideous.  Now it is beautiful (and safe for little girls)!


  1. Oh wow, I thought it looked kinda different when I came by! I just thought you took the latticework off. But no, the truth is much better than that! It looks great. :)