Thursday, August 22, 2013

Dinosaurs Alive!

We went and saw a special exhibit at the zoo the other day.  It is called Dinosaurs Alive and it is a wooded path with 15 animatronic life size dinosaurs along it.

They move around and roar when you get close.  It is actually a pretty neat exhibit!  You can control some of them yourself.  Grace was extremely afraid at first.  We had to explain to her that they are "big toys" and not real.

I think the enormous sand pit complete with sand toys made up for the fear she experienced!  Supposedly there were "fossils" in there, but she is always content to dump sand from one place to another.

What is especially interesting is that even though Grace seemed really afraid, she has been talking about those dinosaurs for days.  When we went to the zoo again earlier this week, the one thing she wanted to see again was the dinosaurs.  She has said she wants to dress up as a dinosaur for Halloween and she also likes to roar and stomp to her bedroom like a dinosaur when it is time for bed.  Those dinosaurs obviously left an impression!


  1. Looks like a neat exhibit! I want to see it too!

  2. Ok, we're going when we come for sure.

  3. Every time I don't think it's possible I could love this little girl any more, she does something like this.

  4. Awesome! We'll have to check that out!