Monday, October 15, 2012

Driving through The Tetons

We decided to take a different route home this summer since we've driven this distance many times and because I-80 leaves a little to be desired in terms of scenery.  Jason had never seen the Tetons, and it has been 15 years for me, so we thought it was worth a detour.  

We stopped for picture opportunities of course, and we even tried to take a couple hikes.

Well it turns out that a cranky baby tired of traveling doesn't really make for a good hiking companion, so we turned back fairly quickly.  We did find this beautiful spot to sit and eat a snack, however!  

We saw just enough to know that we would LOVE to spend some real time here someday with our little family because we know we only scratched the surface of the beauty to be enjoyed here!  Even though we didn't give the park the time it deserves, I think that a $25 admission to a park is money well spent, hopefully helping to ensure it will be here in 10 years when we are back!

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