Sunday, October 28, 2012

Bathroom Progress

A lot has happened since I last posted about the bathroom over two weeks ago!  

We have walls, a glass block window AND a floor!  The tile guy came this weekend and put up the cement board and installed the window and the floor.  We are LOVING the glass block window.  It looks really sharp and it lets in a ton of light.  There is a sad part to this story however.  The tiles we ordered for the shower did not come in at the tile store because the tile store FORGOT TO ORDER THEM!!  It will take up to a month to get them in!  We are pretty bummed, but we asked our tile guy to at least install the floor so that we can once again have a toilet upstairs.  

This is the only thing that is staying from the old bathroom.  I'm SO excited that I don't have to walk downstairs to use the bathroom anymore!  We should have the vanity and medicine cabinets in soon.  We chose a bluish green color for the walls.  No more pink!