Saturday, May 26, 2012

Challenger completes its final challenge

OMG I just made it through a very long week.  I have two days off in a row this weekend and I am SO excited!  My plans include the farmer's market, student graduation parties and playing with Grace.  Jason has been really busy too because he has been on baby duty with not much break, plus he has had a lot of symphony work this week.  He also installed this:

Jason managed to install and wire this during Grace's naps and also with her looking on from her pack and play.  She'll be a good helper some day!  Our old one was making some horrible death throes before it finally refused to open.  

We don't know how ancient this is, but we do know that it is too old to purchase a second door opener for it.  We used to do this delicate dance with the single opener and the car that would be arriving home first, but now we have TWO openers, a sensor so we don't squish anything, and a keyless entry!  My cup runneth over with all these fancy amenities.  Jason of course has wanted a new opener this whole time and humored me by putting up with the old one.  Maybe he sabotaged it... nah.  

What would a blog posting be without a picture of Grace?  Here she is enjoying one of her favorite finger foods: beans!  They might be a distant second to her very favorite food: Cheerios.  She inhales them and starts wiggling in her chair like crazy when we get out the box.  She is a little tired in this picture because it is right before bedtime.  She goes to bed at 5:30 or 6, can you believe it?  She sleeps for 12 hours so we figure it must be right, as ridiculous as it sounds.      

And here is a short one for you.  The morning after the shower, we still had all the metal folding chairs arranged in a row in the living room, and I was cracking up watching her creep back and forth in her pjs and bang on each one.  She is growing so fast!  I love watching her babble quietly to herself while she "reads" her books. I'll keep trying to catch it on video for you all, but she gets distracted by the camera.  Happy Memorial Day to everyone and I hope you are also enjoying a relaxing break!    

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  1. Nice job Jason! I think Grace needs drums for Christmas :)