Friday, May 4, 2012

Bunny is soooooooo big!

Thought I'd post some cute pictures for you all!

Our Grace is still working on her standing and walking skills.  She has perfected her cuteness skills as you can see.

She LOVES hanging out with Daddy and gets super excited when he walks in the room.  It is so fun to see!

She enjoys reading and pulls books out all the time.  Apparently, they are just as good upside down.  We read these books so often that we have much of them memorized and recite them in conversation.  Sorry to our non parent friends because we probably sound like crazy people now.  Our favorite as many of you know is from Pat the Bunny.  "How big is bunny?  Bunny is soooooo big!"  Grace loves Pat the Bunny too.  She likes to wave at Paul and Judy on the last page!  It says "Paul and Judy are waving bye-bye to you."  

She is so curious and loves getting into everything!   


  1. Great pictures! I'm excited for this. :)

  2. Reading the book upside down! Awesome!