Thursday, January 26, 2012

Gotta Wiggle!

Grace had her 6 month doctor appointment yesterday and she received 4 shots and 1 disgusting tasting liquid shoved down her throat.  She was pretty upset about it.  She cried and had tears running down her face.  It was hard for me too!  I felt tears welling up in my eyes as well as I watched the scene helplessly.  The nurse asked "are you okay Mama?!"  No I'm not okay, I just watched my daughter get tortured!  But Grace seemed to forget about it pretty quickly, and felt up to smiling for the camera today.  
I think she is so stylish in this blousy top and matching pants, picked out by my friend Alisha.
I think the strawberry hat goes especially well with this outfit.  It was knitted by my parent's neighbor Meg.  She wore it to the doctor's office and received admiring comments from passers by.    
And this is just a silly video I took last week.  Sometimes you just have to wiggle!  


  1. She IS a little wiggle worm! She has the best giggle, what a sweet-tempered girl!

  2. That strawberry hat is just too, too cute! I want to make one for her! Maybe we could do a pear hat, a cherry hat, a pumpkin hat....she could have one for every month of the year! : )Of course, Miss Grace looks great in whatever she is sporting!

  3. A pumpkin hat sounds hilarious, I love it!