Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Moment of Glory

So guess what, I did it!  I made it back to my pre pregnancy weight!  
Here is a picture of me the last time I wore this sweater:
Being all flabby after birth was definitely my LEAST favorite part of the entire baby making experience.  I know it is an inevitable part of pregnancy and I'm sure a lot of women feel that way, but I was very impatient with the losing weight process.  Pregnant people are supposed to be huge, but when I was no longer pregnant, I felt awkward and almost embarrassed that I couldn't wear my old clothes and I wasn't my old self.  Not that I'm completely my old self now.  Things seem to be... redistributed a bit, but that is a reality with which I have come to terms. 
That awkward time did not take too long though, and wouldn't everyone like this cutie sucking 500 calories out of them every day?  I don't have to tell you that it was totally worth it in every way.  Who knows, maybe I can make it to wedding weight!  Nursing is the best weight loss solution, I highly recommend it!  Get your own baby though :)


  1. You look SO GOOD! The skinnies came flying back to you! Your sweater doesn't even look like you wore it while pregnant.