Sunday, December 11, 2011

Five Months Old!

Happy five month birthday to our beautiful baby girl! 

 This Christmas is going to be the best Christmas ever.  Not only will it be Grace's first Christmas, but my family will be coming to visit!  I'm very excited!  Plus, we've just discovered that Grace loves watching us rip paper.  Apparently, it is hilarious!  We got the idea to try it after we saw the famous youtube video of a dad ripping up a rejection letter.  But don't watch that video, watch mine!  She's a little in awe at first, but keep watching!

Now think about it:  with Christmas paper ripping everywhere, Grace will probably be in hysterics!  What's not to love about this Christmas?



  1. That is the cutest freaking laugh EVER!

  2. We just watched this and sick little Maddie was so cheered up by Gracie's laugh!