Thursday, August 25, 2011

Baby Fashion Show

 I'm just going to throw up a bunch of random pictures from the last week.  Get ready to be pummeled by baby cuteness!
Grace has many adorable outfits in the many varying shades of dark pink to light pink.  This one has an elephant on it. 
You can't go wrong with polka dots.
Here she is striking a pose like a film star.  This cardigan goes with every outfit, since it is pink of course.  She tends to get cold all the time in air conditioned places so she wears it a lot.  This photo is from her role in "Grace and the case of the missing sock." 
Playing with Daddy is always a blast.  These PJs are my favorites.  You can't really tell in the picture, but these PJs have little multicolored whales all over them! (and pink trim of course.)
These PJs are my other favorites.  The footies are frog faces and they are a hand me down from her cousins!
Daddy tests out the baby bjorn.  Look, no hands!
Chilling on the couch in a leopard print number.
Same pose different outfit.  We won't go into why.  
This is the best baby smile captured on camera so far!  
And a lovely sunset picture taken by Jason, for good measure. 

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