Monday, March 7, 2011

Organizing the Armory

We have been working on organizing the utility room!  Since Jason's office is going to become Grace's room, Jason will be relegated to the basement.  The utility room was until recently covered with random tools, which didn't really matter until now.  
Jason decided to organize his tools by installing a peg board. 
And as we all know, since every household task requires the purchase of a new tool, here is Jason using his new favorite tool:  a cement nail gun!  It really is a gun because it requires 22 caliber cartridges!  He needed this because he couldn't drill into the cement very easily any other way. 
Aren't you impressed by the arsenal of weaponry my husband has amassed in the last year??  It is very manly and impressive wall decoration, that is for sure.  
Now this room is quite a bit more roomy!  I have been moving some boxes around and getting rid of stuff.  I feel a bit pathetic because I get out of breath lifting even one small box.  Jason has a back injury, and he isn't supposed to lift anything over 25 pounds, so we're both pretty pathetic right now.  The air compressor is STILL sitting on our dining room from when he was working on the crown molding because we're too weak to carry it back down the stairs.  
This side of the room is going to be the office area.  Jason's desk will go along the wall where the vacuum is sitting.  The storage boxes on the left contain Christmas and Halloween paraphernalia, as well as a box of clothing of mine that I will toss out once it is certain I will never fit into it again.  Here's hoping!  Tosca will have to show some serious enthusiasm for this cat tree if she doesn't want it to find a new home! 


  1. Good on you Jason! Now come do my garage...dudes

  2. You guys are wayyy to organized! I love it!