Monday, March 21, 2011

I Survived Maternity Shopping and all I got were these clothes...

Maternity clothes shopping is the most horrible thing ever.  Having to strip in front of those florescent lights, stuff your strangely shaped body into and then out of a million different shapeless garments, and having to look at yourself while this is all taking place is not for the faint of heart.  I am so glad I did it finally!  I was running out of options with my regular clothes, and clasping and unclasping the safety pin on my one pair of remotely fitting pants 10 times a day for frequent bathroom trips was getting a little ridiculous.   Now I have some clothes that fit, and I'm going to share them all with you!
This is a lightweight jersey dress that I found at Kohl's.  I plan to wear it for my student recital this coming Sunday. It is very loose and airy feeling. 
Here is the whole en sem - is it teacherly enough?  The word at the office is that current maternity style is skin tight.  Um, I'm not ready for that.  
But apparently I'm ready for it on the internet!  I think this is hilarious because this looks like a body suit or something, but this is really a pair of incredibly comfy yoga style pants that reach all the way to my bra.  Yes I'm in a bra on the internet, but isn't giving birth and motherhood filled with modesty stripping moments?  I'm just preparing myself.  Anyway, these pants are the greatest thing ever.  I put them on immediately when I get home.  
This is the top I put on when I get home.  It was handed down to me from my friend Libby, who got it from a friend.  It is the best. shirt. ever.  I wish I could find it in every color of the rainbow and wear it every single day.  I like that it is lightly warm and comfy, and also that it appears to diminish my hugeness.  Maybe that is my imagination upon seeing this picture.  But I am definitely going to have to share this miracle of cloth with the next lovely lady in my life to be in need of the miracle shirt.  Who's next?  When I'm done with it, of course.  
The essential wardrobe staple:  jeans.  I got away with wearing my other jeans until about 20 weeks along, but it was soon a lost cause and I was craving some denim.  These appear normal enough!  The top was one of the only tops at Target I didn't hate.  It has lots of ruffles and pleats and makes me feel like a box.  Which is better than some shapes out there.  
Here I am like a magician revealing the secrets of maternity fashion:  how do those pants defy gravity?  The answer my friends is stretchy waist bands that go over your belly button!  Luckily, the fashion disaster part happens under your shirt so no one knows your shame except other moms.  (I'm going to be a mom!)  And now you all, looking at this blog.  I love how there are pockets and detailing where they would normally hit on low riding jeans so I can pretend I'm still in fashion.  
I usually push down these ridiculous bands below my belly.  The pants still stay up pretty well.  Free range belly shot!  
 This shirt was a gift from my mom!  She knew I was dreading the shopping experience and did some for me.  If you ask 18 year old me, this would probably be a dress, but I'm thinking it is a shirt.  I already have mom opinions!!  I've worn it out on a couple date nights probably because it is shiny and low cut.  I like that it has lots of fabric because I'll probably need that when I'm a lot bigger!  I'm wearing them with a pair of trouser maternity pants.  I know you can't tell but trust me, they are work appropriate!  

So that's the end of the fashion show, I hope you enjoyed it! 


  1. I thought of you today! LOVE that dress you plan to wear to your student recital. Where did you get your maternity jeans? I loved my maternity jeans, only mine didn't have the stretch part over the belly. . .I wore them for a long time after I had Claire, too. :) Mainly because they were so comfy and well, let's face it my pre-prego jeans didn't fit like I'd hoped they would. :) And yes, all modesty goes out the door when having a baby. :)

  2. Your belly is so cute Rebecca!!! I'm so happy for you! Seeing you all glowing ALMOST makes me want another one.
    1. Hang on to those yoga pants. Although you look terrific albeit scandalous in them with the bra, they will be your best friend even after you give birth.
    2. Love the jeans and the top you're wearing with the jeans.
    3. And those are one sexy bitch...can I say that? Is that offensive? I'm going to guess not since you had Jen at your place for a week :)
    Please keep me updated! I love seeing you and hearing news!

  3. You look great in everything you're wearing here! I especially love the dress with the boots!

  4. You crack me up!